Getting into an accident always causes a complicated situation, including the process of determining who was at fault, working with the insurance company, recovering from your injuries, and more. Getting into an accident while driving a rental car can cause more headaches than if you had been driving your own vehicle – for a number of reasons. Primarily, car rental companies will try to pin as much of the financial burden as possible on you if you did not get the full coverage insurance that they offer, and in some instances they may still try to pin additional liability on you. Regardless of how the rental company acts, though, the insurance company will be out to try to save themselves as much money as possible, and that is why it is so important to hire a San Diego rental car accidents attorney as soon as possible.

San Diego is a popular destination for business travelers as well as vacationers and tourists, so the rental car industry in the area is booming. As with anything, the more cars that are rented in an area, the more likely it is that a rental car will be involved in an accident, and both insurance companies AND rental companies know this fact and deal with the reality of this likelihood on a daily basis. You, however, as the victim in the accident, probably don’t deal with insurance claims for San Diego rental car accidents on a daily basis, which is why working with a legal professional from the start is one of the best ways that you can build a strong case and fight for the money that you deserve.

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How Easy Is Filing a Claim After a Rental Car Accident?

Any time you rent a car, one of the first things that the rental agent will ask is about the type of insurance package that you will get for the duration of your rental. Many people choose to waive the additional insurance due to the additional costs, but many others opt for the maximum comprehensive coverage in order to protect themselves from any and all liability. If you have opted for comprehensive rental insurance and you get into an accident, whether you are at fault or the other driver is at fault, you will be relieved at having made the decision to spend the extra money.

However, simply having the maximum coverage does not mean that you will get the maximum payment for your personal injuries without a fight. Filing the claim is easy – it’s getting the money that you deserve that is difficult. Insurance companies approach each accident claim with the same focus: how to identify every possible reason to LIMIT the amount of money they ultimately award to the victim. What this means for you, unless you either have an attorney or you are doing your own meticulous investigation into the damages of the accident, is that the insurance company will take every opportunity to pay you as little as possible.

The short answer is this: it is very easy to file an insurance claim, and it is very difficult to get a fair settlement on your own. If you are suffering from serious injuries after your accident, this statement is even more true. Stress is found to have a significant negative impact on wound recovery, and insurance companies rely on stressed and hurt claimants to accept the initial settlement offer without much thought, in hopes of alleviating some of their understandable fear about their financial situation following the accident. When you are represented by Injury Trial Lawyers, APC, you will not need to take on any of these burdens, and will instead be able to focus on recovering from your injuries and getting your life back on track.

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Fighting it out with the rental car company or their insurance company is not something that should be your concern while you are trying to focus on recovering from your injuries, and the unfortunate reality is that taking on the insurance company by yourself typically results in a lower settlement than what you actually deserve. That’s why the team at Injury Trial Lawyers, APC has spent years representing clients for a range of car accident claims, and helping them fight for an out-of-court settlement that fairly covers their damages, or helping them navigate the complicated California court system to get what they deserve in front of a judge or jury. 

Insurance companies exist to make a profit, and they will not make money if they simply hand out all of the damages owed to every claimant. In order to get the money that you need to move forward from the financial impacts caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you need an attorney to build a strong case, manage aggressive negotiations, and be willing to do whatever it takes to get you a settlement or award that will keep you from bearing the financial burden. Contact us now to speak with an experienced car accident attorney in San Diego about your accident, and learn about how we can help you fight for a positive outcome.

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