Hillcrest is a diverse neighborhood in the city of San Diego, CA. Tucked neatly between Balboa Park and Mission Valley, Hillcrest is one of the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods. The neighborhood’s nearly 14,000 residents have turned Hillcrest into a beacon of “tolerance and acceptance” for the growing LGBT community. Hillcrest is known for being the hub for LGBT activity in Southern California. The small, quaint neighborhood streets are lined with popular restaurants, cafes, bars, independent specialty shops, and thrift stores. These attractions draw millions of tourists each year and see surging attendance during the San Diego Pride Festival.

The friendly neighborhood of Hillcrest is not immune to negligence and injury-causing accidents. Densely populated areas are prone to high rates of accidents and injuries, and Hillcrest is no exception. If you have been injured in an accident you should not hesitate to contact a Hillcrest Personal Injury Attorney at Injury Trial Lawyers, APC.

We have helped thousands of accident victims in the greater San Diego area recover millions in damages through personal injury cases. We are skilled and award-winning trial attorneys who are ready to help you recover the compensation you may need following an accident. Contact our San Diego office today to schedule a free, no-commitment consultation. We offer our services on a contingency fee basis so that you can focus on your recovery without additional financial strains. We do not get paid unless and until we get compensation for you.

Why File a Personal Injury Claim For Damages?

Whether you’re traveling to work, visiting the Hillcrest Brewing Company, or exploring the country’s first Harvey Milk Street, you probably didn’t venture into Hillcrest expecting to get into an accident. Accidents can be incredibly stressful – emotionally, physically, and also financially.

How expensive can a personal injury accident be? One study found that the average cost of a car accident bodily injury claim in 2013 was more than $15,000. Consider that the average cost of a property damage claim was more than $3,000, and the average car accident victim is looking at nearly $20,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. These numbers do not begin to reflect the extraordinary costs that can result from a severe or debilitating injury. Victims who are injured in serious accidents could easily rack up tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in medical bills. When the possibility of lost earnings due to time out of work is calculated into the equation, the financial stress imposed by a personal injury accident can be significant.

A personal injury claim for damages can be a terrific way for injured accident victims to recover the compensation they need and deserve. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Injury Trial Lawyers, APC have spent the better part of the past 15 years helping accident victims pursue damages through personal injury claims.

We founded Injury Trial Lawyers, APC in 2004 so that accident victims could have access to the best legal representation while they focused on recovering from their injuries. We have successfully recovered millions for our clients and have established ourselves as a prominent and tenacious firm in the process. Contact our office today to schedule your free initial consultation with our skilled Hillcrest Personal Injury Attorney. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin to work on getting you the compensation you both need and deserve.

Practice Areas

Accidents can happen for any number of reasons. Maybe you were crossing University Avenue and clipped by a driver who wasn’t paying attention. Or, maybe you were injured in a slip and fall at a local area wine bar after the manager failed to clean up a spill. Perhaps you were visiting a local park and bitten by a dog who had gotten loose from its owner.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, our accident attorneys are here to help. Since 2004 we have helped our injured clients recover millions in damages from negligent parties through personal injury claims. We have successfully represented clients who have suffered injuries.

Contact us to learn about the possibility of filing a personal injury claim for damages. The compensation you recover through a personal injury claim can help to offset the significant costs you may face after an accident.

What Can I Expect From a Hillcrest Personal Injury Attorney?

When you make the decision to hire an experienced Hillcrest personal injury attorney from Injury Trial Lawyers you will get unparalleled legal representation. We strive to offer our clients the best legal services in the greater San Diego area.
Through our established process we have successfully helped thousands of accident victims recover millions in compensation. We will utilize our process to maximize the compensation we recover on your behalf. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when you trust the experienced Hillcrest attorneys at Injury Trial Lawyers with your case.
Initial Consultation

First impressions are important. When we meet for the first time we want you, the client, to be comfortable with our attorneys and form a relationship that is based on trust and transparency. We will encourage you to ask questions so that you can have all of the information you need to make an informed decision about moving forward with a personal injury claim for damages. Our expert team will ask you to describe the accident that caused your injury, reflect on why you think it happened, and provide information that may be helpful in evaluating your case. The discussion regarding the potential for a successful case and other advice about how we think you should proceed will also be conducted.

Once you’ve decided to hire Injury Trial Lawyers to represent your personal injury case we will use the information provided during your initial consultation to creating a basis for an independent investigation. An independent investigation is incredibly important to the success of a case. The evidence, facts, and information we uncover during this investigation will serve as the basis for the legal arguments we make on your behalf. An investigation may include reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, examining evidence, consulting with experts, and analyzing medical evaluations and injuries.

95 percent of personal injury cases are settled out of court. We will meet with opposing parties and insurance companies to negotiate a settlement on your behalf. We will leverage these parties into offering meaningful and helpful settlements using the legal arguments we develop specifically for your case.

We will review the offer(s) provided by the at-fault party and/or their insurance company. Also, we will explain the pros and cons of accepting these offers and offer our advice about whether or not it is in your best interest to accept. We will not accept lowball offers as we are committed to maximizing the compensation we recover on your behalf to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries.

While the majority of cases are settled outside of court, about 5 percent will go to trial. We are award-winning trial attorneys who thrive in the courtroom and are willing to take your case to court. Insurance companies and opponents know that we are fierce opposition in the courtroom and will often try to avoid litigation. Our track record of success in the courtroom helps us to obtain strong settlement offers for our clients.

Hillcrest Personal Injury Attorneys You Can Count On

If you have been injured in an accident, do not hesitate to contact us. We understand that the moments following an accident can be overwhelming, but emphasize the importance of speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. California limits the amount of time in which an accident victim can file a claim for damages. You will generally have two years from the date of your injury-causing accident to pursue compensation from a negligent party. Failing to act quickly can also result in lost or damaged evidence. The sooner we begin to work on your case, the more successful your claim can be.
When we meet for your free, no-commitment initial consultation we will review your case, determine potentially liable parties, and advise you of your legal options. Contact us today to schedule a time to meet with one of our experienced Hillcrest personal injury attorneys.
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