There are many factors that can contribute to a traffic accident in San Diego. Weather, aggressive driving, and even road conditions can all play a part. It turns out that the color of your car may also be a contributing factor. Research shows that certain color vehicles are associated with an increased accident rate.

Which color vehicle is safest? Which colors should you avoid when shopping for a new car? Why does the color of a vehicle make it more or less likely to be involved in a crash? The answers to these questions are important when you’re concerned about traveling around San Diego safely.

Bright Colors Are Correlated With Low Accident Rates

Multiple studies have found that bright color cars are less likely to be involved in accidents than dark cars.


According to one Australian study, white cars are the safest option. When compared with darker vehicles, white cars are 12 percent less likely to be involved in an accident. White cars are easy to see. There is a lot of contrast between the white paint and dark, complex backgrounds.

However, some experts believe that the number of white cars on the road is becoming problematic. White cars may begin to blend together, making them more difficult to see. However, accident statistics have not yet supported these fears.


At least one study found that yellow cars were less likely to be in an accident than other color vehicles. Yellow is a bright and vibrant color that really stands out against the dark asphalt. Think about taxi cabs around the city. Many are yellow. There’s a reason cab companies paint their cars in the brightest possible color. Yellow cars are easy to see on a busy roadway.


Orange is kind of like yellow. It’s a bright color that stands out on a busy road. Vibrant orange cars are easy to see. Until recently, few car manufacturers in the United States offered vehicles in orange. However, thanks to new safety studies showing that orange is a safe (and popular) choice, more orange cars have been available for sale in recent years.


You may not see too many pink cars on the road. However, pink is also one of the safest color choices. Few other things on the road are pink. As a result, pink vehicles stand out. Cars that are easier to see are typically involved in fewer accidents.


Gold vehicles have become more popular in recent years. One reason may be that gold is generally considered to be a safe color choice. Gold vehicles do not blend into the background of a busy roadway. Instead, they stand out. Many gold cars also reflect light well, making them even more visible.

Dark Color Vehicles More Likely To Be Involved in Accidents

Cars painted in dark colors are much more likely to be involved in an accident than lighter color cars. The risk of an accident increases significantly after dark.


Studies unanimously agree that black vehicles are more likely to be involved in an accident than any other color car. Just how much more likely is it for a black car to be in a crash? At least one study found drivers are 47 percent more likely to be involved in an accident while driving a black vehicle at night. During daylight hours, the risk of an accident is closer to 12 percent.
Why: Black cars can be downright hard to see. Most paved roads in San Diego are black, which offers little contrast for black vehicles. Visibility decreases significantly at night when black cars also blend into the dark evening sky.


Grey vehicles are incredibly popular in San Diego, but also carry an increased risk of being in an accident. When compared to white vehicles, grey cars are 11 percent more likely to be in a crash.
Why: Grey is a very neutral color, which may have you think that it’s easy to see. However, grey vehicles, especially cars in a darker shade, often blend into their surroundings. Foggy, cloudy, or rainy weather conditions can further reduce the visibility of a grey vehicle. When compared to white vehicles, the risk of being in an accident while driving a grey car surges by 11 percent.


Silver cars are slightly safer than grey cars, but not by much. The increased risk of being in an accident while driving a silver car, when compared to the safest color car, is 10 percent.
Why: Silver cars can also be difficult to see because they blend into their surroundings. Why are silver vehicles slightly less dangerous than grey cars? The answer could be that silver vehicles reflect light better than grey, making them more visible on the road.


Blue is the second most popular car color in America. However, blue cars are also associated with an increased accident rate. Blue cars are 7 percent more likely to be in an accident than the safest colors on the road.
Why: Blue cars can have limited visibility, especially during the day. Blue cars often blend into the sky and clouds, making them very difficult to see.


Red cars aren’t as popular as other, more neutral colors. Why? Drivers tend to shy away from red vehicles fearing that they get pulled over the most. Evidence actually shows that police are more likely to pull over drivers of silver and grey cars. However,  there is evidence to show that red cars can be dangerous. When compared to white vehicles, red cars are 7 percent more likely to be in an accident.
Why: You’d think that red cars would stand out on the road, right? Sometimes they do. Other times, red cars blend in with many of the features that can be found on San Diego roadways. Traffic lights, stop signs, brake lights, and emergency lights can all be red. As a result, red vehicles may be tough to distinguish at a busy intersection.


Green cars are much less likely to be in an accident than other dark cars, but there is still an elevated risk. This is particularly true for vehicles that are painted in darker shades.

Why: It all comes down to visibility. Green is everywhere on and around roads in San Diego. Traffic signals, interstate signs, hills, parks, grassy medians, yards, buildings, and fences can all be green. When there’s little-to-no contrast between a vehicle and its surroundings, accidents are more likely to happen.

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