A car accident can be a very serious, possibly even life-changing, event for anyone unfortunate to get into one. That is because the worst car accidents can leave victims with serious injuries that could have a permanent impact on their lives. Those injuries could include burns, scarring, spinal injuries, and head injuries, all of which can be extremely severe. Broken bones are another common kind of injury and the severity of them can vary greatly. A bone fracture can be a relatively mild injury that heals quickly, or it could be severe enough that it leaves the injured person permanently crippled. Contact the best San Diego Car Accident Bone Fracture Lawyers to learn about compensation for a bone fracture in a San Diego car accident.

Other complications could result from a broken bone such as bleeding, infection, or scarring. When you consider how serious a bone fracture in a San Diego car accident can be, it is easy to see why the accident victim will need to be heavily compensated for their injuries. They will have extensive medical bills that need to be paid and they might have to miss work for some time which means that they will be without a source of income. At Injury Trial Lawyers, we refuse to let victims of car accidents suffer alone and in silence. We are a law firm that is dedicated to helping victims of car accidents receive the compensation that they deserve. So if you have suffered a bone fracture in a San Diego car accident, then contact us at Injury Trial Lawyers to learn how we can help you.

The Types of Bone Fractures in a Car Accident

There are several different types of bone fractures from a medical perspective and any of them can happen in a car crash. A fracture can be displaced or non-displaced as well as open or closed. A displaced fracture is when a bone breaks and the two broken ends are not lined up with each other; with a non-displaced fracture, the two broken ends remain aligned with each other. When a fracture is open that means one of the broken bones pierces the skin and is exposed. That can lead to bleeding and infection and must be treated as quickly as possible. If the fracture is closed, then the broken bone remains inside of the body. Bone fractures come in the following different categories:

Transverse Fracture – This occurs when the break is at a 90-degree angle to the long axis of the bone.

Oblique Fracture – With this type of fracture, the break is at an angle to the bone.

Comminuted Fracture – This is a particularly serious type of fracture because the bone breaks in multiple places and into multiple fragments.

Spiral Fracture – As the name suggests, this type of fracture happens when the break spirals around the bone. This tends to happen when the bone gets twisted in some way.

Greenstick Fracture – This is when the bone only breaks on one side. This type of fracture is more common in children since their bones are not fully developed.

Compression Fracture – This happens when the bone gets flattened or crushed so that it is wider and flatter in appearance than it was before.

Hairline Fracture – Sometimes called a stress fracture, this is a fairly mild kind of fracture where there is a small crack in the surface of the bone. It usually occurs because of overuse of a body part, but it can also happen because of an impact on the affected body part.

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How Car Accident Bone Fractures Happen

A bone fracture occurs when excessive force is applied to the bone and in a car accident that can happen when the vehicle suddenly and violently decelerates when it crashes into another car. In more violent car accidents that cause rollovers and extensive wreckage, bone fractures can be especially severe. The reason is that the impact is greater, which means that any potential injuries may not be mitigated by the safety systems of the vehicle.

In a T-bone accident where the front of one car crashes into the side of another, the chances of broken bones are high for the person in the seat closest to where the impact happens because there is less protection in that part of the vehicle. That means they could suffer serious damage to their limbs, ribs, neck, and spine. While the direct impact is a major source of bone fractures in car accidents, the body being thrown back and forth can also cause bone breaks, particularly in the neck. 

Occupants of the vehicle in a car accident can also suffer bone breaks caused by the limbs bending or twisting unusually. The bones can also get pinned or crushed, which leads to compression fractures. If an occupant of the vehicle is not properly restrained, then they could be thrown from the vehicle and experience several impact-related fractures. These are all fractures that occur to the occupants of the vehicles in a car accident; if a pedestrian or cyclist gets hit by a car, then the resulting bone fractures can be even worse.

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A bone fracture can be a debilitating injury that leaves the victim with severe pain, high medical bills, and the inability to work until the injury heals. That is a lot for one person to bear, but at Injury Trial Lawyers, we can help to ease that burden with the expertise of San Diego Car Accident Bone Fracture Lawyers. That is because we can help San Diego car accident victims with their injury claims. We are not afraid to take on the insurance companies and fight them to get our clients the compensation that they deserve. So if you experienced bone fractures that were caused by a car accident in San Diego, then contact us as soon as possible so that we can help you.

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