What is My San Diego Car Accident Claim Worth?

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Knowing what your San Diego car accident claim is worth is important if you consider a settlement with the insurance company. It is also helpful to know your car accident claim value so you can decide whether going to court to pursue your claim is the right decision for you.

Injury Trial Lawyers can help you to determine what your car accident claim is worth and can assist you in pursuing legal action to maximize your compensation. Call or contact our San Diego car accident claim lawyers as soon as possible after your accident and before you sign any paperwork with the insurance company. Our compassionate and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys will be there for you every step of the way as you make your claim.

The Value of Your San Diego Car Accident Claim

The value of your San Diego car accident claim depends upon the circumstances of the motor vehicle accident. People who were more seriously hurt in a collision will have a claim that is worth a larger amount of compensation. If you lost a loved one in a motor vehicle crash, then your wrongful death car accident claim may also be worth a significant sum of money.

Under California law, a driver or other individual or company that is responsible for causing a car accident must make the victims of the collision “whole.” This means that if someone causes a collision through negligence or a breach of legal duty, that individual or entity must pay full and fair compensation for both economic and non-financial losses. It is up to the victim or surviving family members to pursue a claim, prove the right to compensation and establish the amount of damages.

The victim of a crash should be compensated for:

  • Money spent on medical treatment costs
    • If the injuries are still ongoing when the case settles or is decided by a jury, future medical bills should also be factored into the amount of money the victim receives.
  • Money from loss of income
    • Any time you take off from work, including sick time or paid leave, should be compensated. In the event that your injuries are ongoing and will reduce your ability to work or earn in the future, you should also be compensated for ongoing loss of income.
  • Pain and suffering
    • Some insurers use a per-diem estimate and pay a set amount per day for the physical pain you endure. Others will use a pain multiplier and multiply your economic damages by a designated number to determine the value of a pain and suffering claim.
  • Emotional distress
    • If the collision results in post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety or other emotional problems then you should be compensated for this in your car accident claim.

You must prove the extent of your damages to make a car accident claim. Those whose loved ones are killed will also be eligible for similar types of compensation including medical costs and money for loss of the deceased’s income.  Victims who have lost family members can also pursue a claim for loss of companionship compensation.

Injury Trial Lawyers, APC will help you to determine what your San Diego car accident claim is worth and can assist you in pursuing a damage claim to maximize the chances of full and fair recovery. Call or contact us online today to learn more.

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