When you are involved in an accident you are at risk of suffering a soft tissue injury. While these injuries may not be life-threatening, they can be incredibly painful and disrupt your day-to-day life. It’s not uncommon for accident victims to miss significant time at work because of a soft tissue injury. Without your normal income, it can be very difficult to cover your medical costs and take care of your day-to-day expenses.

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Soft Tissue Injuries in San Diego

A soft tissue injury involves damage to tendons, ligaments, and/or muscle tissue in the body. These injuries typically occur as a result of:

  • Acute physical trauma, or
  • Chronic overuse of a particular area of the body.

Acute Soft Tissue Injuries

Acute soft tissue injuries occur when the body is subjected to sudden and unexpected force. Common types of acute soft tissue injuries include:

Sprains: Ligaments are strong bands that connect bones to one another in the body. Sprains occur when a ligament in a joint becomes damaged, stretched, or torn. When you suffer a sprain injury you may experience pain and have difficulty moving. Elbows, ankles, knees, and wrists are susceptible to sprain injuries.

Strains: Tendons are flexible, fibrous cords that connect muscle tissue with bone in the body. Strains occur when these tendons and/or attached muscle become damaged. When you suffer a strain injury you may have difficulty moving a joint and experience pain during activity.

Contusions: Contusions, or bruising, occur when muscle tissue and/or fibers become crushed or damaged. Discoloration occurs when blood pools beneath the skin. Contusions can be relatively minor or cause debilitating pain.

Chronic Soft Tissue Injuries

Chronic soft tissue injuries occur when a muscle, ligament, or tendon becomes weakened over time because of overuse. It’s not uncommon for soft tissue injuries to develop if you work in a job that requires repetitive movements. Common types of chronic soft tissue injuries include:

Bursitis: There are small sacs of fluid that sit between bones and muscle in your joints. These sacs, which are called bursae, help to reduce friction and cushion the soft tissue. Overuse of a joint can cause these sacs to become inflamed. This injury is known as bursitis, and it can be very painful. The hips, elbows, and knees are most vulnerable to bursitis injuries.

Tendonitis: Tendonitis occurs when tendons in the body become aggravated, irritated, or inflamed. It’s not uncommon to develop tendonitis when you place repeated stress or trauma on a specific joint.

Signs and Symptoms of Soft Tissue Injuries

It’s important to understand and identify the signs and symptoms of a soft tissue injury. While these injuries tend to be minor, it is still important to get checked out by a medical professional. Soft tissue injuries may heal by themselves over time, but some will require surgical intervention. If you suffered a soft tissue injury, it is also possible that you have sustained more serious injuries. A thorough medical evaluation can help to rule out any complications or additional injuries.

Signs and symptoms of soft tissue injuries can include:

  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Tenderness when attempting to move or extend a joint, and
  • Limited mobility.

Seek medical attention if you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms of a soft tissue injury.

Causes of Soft Tissue Injuries in San Diego

Soft tissue injuries can occur whenever muscle, tendons, and/or ligaments are overused or subject to sudden force or trauma. Our attorneys have helped clients recover compensation for soft tissue injuries caused by:

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How to Recover Compensation for a Soft Tissue Injury

The costs of a soft tissue injury should not be underestimated. While some injuries will heal on their own, others will require medical care and surgical treatment. If your injury prevents you from doing your job, you may also experience a temporary loss of income. Without a steady paycheck, it can be difficult to pay for your medical bills and cover your daily expenses. It can be important to consider legal action to recover the money you deserve.

You may have a few options. The best option for you will depend on:

  • The extent of your injury
  • Where the injury happened, and
  • Who is responsible.

Personal Injury Claim: Has another person’s negligence caused your soft tissue injury? If so, you may want to consider filing a personal injury claim with their insurance company. This option may be best if your injury is not particularly severe and it is clear the other person was at fault. Insurance companies will always try to limit the amount of money you get, so it can be beneficial to have an attorney to help you negotiate your claim.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: It’s not always possible to get the money you need from a negligent person’s insurance company. Maybe the company refused to extend a fair offer, or maybe the extent of your damages exceeds what they can pay. In any event, you always have the option of filing a personal injury lawsuit for damages. This is a much more aggressive approach and should be handled by an experienced attorney. The cost is greater, but so is the potential reward.

Workers’ Compensation: If you suffered your soft tissue injury on the job you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. It’s important to understand that you waive your right to sue your employer when you accept these benefits. However, you do retain the right to file a lawsuit against a negligent third party if they also contributed to your injury.

When you take legal action it is important to have an experienced San Diego personal injury lawyer by your side. At Injury Trial Lawyers, we understand how important a financial award can be as you try to recover from your soft tissue injury. Call us today to find out how we can help you get the money you deserve.

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