The Reality of Road Rage

man arrested on highway

Just about any driver who has spent more than an hour behind the wheel has encountered another motorist who has offended them in some way. What begins as a calm commute for a driver going about his or her daily business can quickly turn into a careless lane change.

As a driver who just happens to cross the pass of an innocent, albeit short-tempered, commuter carelessly cuts off the commuter, a number of situations could come about. Most commonly a horn will sound, a gesture will be thrown, or a few choice words might be shouted at the negligent driver.

In many situations across the country, however, the situation escalates rapidly. This basic example is just one of the many categorized by experts and drivers alike as Road Rage. Road Rage raises blood pressures, claims lives, and results in car accidents while adding to the daily stress levels of California commuters. Last week on a South Bay freeway a single act of Road Rage ended in tragedy.

Buob’s Story

Last week, 25-year-old Renee Jackson found herself driving along State Route 54 near Highland Avenue at approximately 5:30 p.m. Jackson had her license reinstated in January after a two-year suspension cited as “lack of knowledge or skill.” At the same time, 39-year-old Zach Buob was driving his red Ducati motorcycle along that route. At some point, an altercation between the two drivers occurred. According to some witnesses, Buob attempted to squeeze between Jackson’s car and another car and then kicked her car apparently out of frustration. Other witnesses are unclear as to what happened to start the confrontation. Witnesses allege that Jackson then rammed the motorcyclist from behind. According to Jackson’s mother, the motorcyclist cut Jackson off too closely for her to stop the car. Whatever the cause of the dispute, the result was Jackson running into the rear of Buob’s motorcycle and causing his bike to hit the pavement. Jackson then ran over Buob within seconds and Buob died on the scene. Jackson has been charged with murder for the incident.

Road Rage

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration performed a study relating to drivers, their attitudes towards driving, and the type of driving usually done by average Americans. The survey shed some light on aggressive driving and road rage, particularly when participants were asked about whether they get impatient with slower drivers. Three out of every five drivers responded affirmatively. About 32% of drivers report using their cell phones to talk or text during most trips. Use of a cell phone during driving is one of the leading causes of road rage. About 30% of drivers stated that they try to get where they are going as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, speeding, using cell phones, and getting impatient with other drivers are all primary causes of road rage. Exercising patience, planning enough time to arrive safely at a destination, and avoiding distracting behavior (like cell phone use) can help drivers avoid road rage altogether.

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