Memorial Day Safety Tips

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This Memorial Day we honor the fallen. We take time to respect the sacrifices of those who have stood on the front lines and those who have supported them. We honor those heroes by recognizing that they were ordinary people who used their time to do extraordinary things. As a nation we collectively agree to pause the hustle and bustle of the ordinary work week and celebrate with close friends and family. The aroma of barbecue fills the air while the sights and sounds of outdoor enjoyment fill the senses. Memorial Day is intended to be a day of celebration, a day of remembrance, and a day of honor.

Of course, this will bring out the worst in some otherwise well-intentioned folks. As some of our friends indulge in the overdue day away from work and some of our family members have a bit too much fun getting together, there will be easily recognizable safety concerns to acknowledge due to negligence. Taking a few extra precautions this holiday weekend will ensure that enjoying our day of celebration and remembrance does not interfere with our collective safety. Here are some Memorial Day safety tips to help you better enjoy this holiday weekend.

What Can You Do to Stay Safe this Memorial Day?

  • Mind Your Bonfires – A day of outdoor festivities filled with barbecue and suntan oil sometimes feels incomplete without an evening bonfire. Unfortunately, a day of beer combined with an evening bonfire is a dangerous combination. The San Diego Police would like to remind everyone that you must keep bonfires in an enclosed ring and flames need to stay within twelve inches from the top of the ring. California’s drought means that there is quite a bit more dry foliage around than normal; take care that this does not ignite.
  • Drive with Caution – Memorial Day weekend, like most holiday weekends, often results in a major increase in traffic related problems. Whether it is too many people getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks, or the fact that there are a lot of people out of the office and on the road, the roads get dangerous. Memorial Day weekend is a heavy travel weekend, which makes it a heavy traffic weekend. Patrols are usually increased during this weekend to cut down on the increased number of drunk drivers. Save yourself and your family the hassle of a car accident or a DUI and don’t drink and drive.
  • Don’t Boat Under the Influence – An adult beverage or two generally accompanies a day on the water. While most people recognize the serious consequences of drinking and driving a car they don’t pay much attention to drinking and driving when the vehicle is a boat. Boating under the influence is a crime and is heavily monitored by the San Diego Police Department. The San Diego PD has issued a warning to all boaters this holiday weekend that staffing levels are increased and officers will be on boats out in Mission Bay to enforce boating laws.

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