Bicycle Safety Tips During COVID-19

Bicycle Safety Tips During COVID-19

Cycling is a popular activity in San Diego year-round, and during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it may prove to be even more popular as people look for ways to safely get outdoors for some fresh air. Take a look at some of these important safety tips for biking during the Coronavirus pandemic so that you can stay healthy and responsible while enjoying the wonderful cycling in our city.

Wear a Mask

It may be uncomfortable to wear a mask while cycling, but this is a best practice that you should maintain even while out for a ride. If you find it more comfortable, you may choose to use a piece of cloth covering instead, as long as it covers both your nose and mouth.

Avoid Riding in Groups

As with traveling by foot, you should avoid traveling in groups to limit the transmission of Coronavirus. This is especially true when engaging in physical activities that would cause someone to breathe harder than normal, and therefore distribute potential pathogens a greater distance.

Keep a Safe Distance From Other Riders

Avoiding riding in groups is a good start to maintaining social distance while cycling, but you should be equally cautious about keeping a safe difference from those that you pass on the road, encounter in your travels, or find yourself waiting at a red light with. Keeping a distance is an important line of defense against COVID-19.

Choose Less Crowded Routes

In order to help yourself avoid major crowds, try to choose a less popular route that sticks to back roads or trails. As you may have noticed, there is a pattern in the past few tips: keep maintaining your distance, even if you are outdoors. 

Stay Home If You Feel Sick

As with any other activity during this time, make sure that you are vigilant about the signs of COVID-19, and be sure to stay home if you have any inclination that you may not be feeling well. There is a 5-14 day incubation period for this illness, meaning that being as proactive and cautious as possible can help to limit the spread.

Pack Snacks

Riding a bike can burn some serious calories, and there is nothing worse than being far from home and experiencing “The Bonk.” To avoid the need for some emergency calories and going into a store or gas station pack some snacks like peanut butter, a banana, or a protein bar. Proper planning is one of the best ways to stay safe.

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